Blog Tour & Review: THE FLATSHARE by Beth O’Leary

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Thank you so much Flatiron Books for my copy. 


Tiffy and Leon share an apartment. Tiffy and Leon have never met. After a bad breakup, Tiffy Moore needs a place to live. Fast. And cheap. But the apartments in her budget have her wondering if astonishingly colored mold on the walls counts as art. Desperation makes her open minded, so she answers an ad for a flatshare. Leon, a night shift worker, will take the apartment during the day, and Tiffy can have it nights and weekends. He’ll only ever be there when she’s at the office. In fact, they’ll never even have to meet. Tiffy and Leon start writing each other notes – first about what day is garbage day, and politely establishing what leftovers are up for grabs, and the evergreen question of whether the toilet seat should stay up or down. Even though they are opposites, they soon become friends. And then maybe more. But falling in love with your roommate is probably a terrible idea…especially if you’ve never met.


The Flatshare  is an enchanting story that is just as delightful as its cover. 

Tiffy Moore and Leon Twomey are Londoners both looking to save money. Tiffy desperately needs to move out of her toxic ex-boyfriend’s place and Leon is looking for a roommate. The catch is Leon placed a rather bizarre add for a flatshare where both occupants share one bed. Leon works the nightshift and is away most weekends but sharing a bed with a total stranger is a bit unnerving, even if you never see each other. Tiffy is on a very tight budget so this turns out to be the best option she has. So what does she do? She goes for it! Now we all know what’s going to happen here but trust me, it’s totally worth your time because the premise is so original and 100% full of adorable.

I am such a fan of writers that add something extra to the narrative, such as letters, texts, DMs, and in this case, the cutest post-it notes! The two main characters are endearing and fantastic to read, but the side characters are too! The group of friends are fun and quirky – I just loved them all! But the story isn’t all unicorns and sunshine as there are themes of emotional abuse, gaslighting, and trauma. This story is the perfect blend of romance, hilarious, sweet, moving, and entertaining.

My rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars! 

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