Book Mail: THE PLANT MESSIAH by Carlos Magdalena

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This looks like a book for any nature nerd! Plus it has a super neat cover and pretty color photographs! It’s always fun to learn about our beautiful planet and more importantly, how to preserve it. Thank you so much Doubleday Books for sending me this lovely free copy! 


Carlos Magdalena is not your average horticulturist. He’s a man on a mission to save the world’s most endangered plants. First captivated by the flora of his native Spain, he has traveled to the remotest parts of the globe in search of exotic species. Renowned for his pioneering work, he has committed his life to protecting plants from man-made ecological destruction and thieves hunting for wealthy collectors.

In The Plant Messiah, Magdalena takes readers from the Amazon to the jungles of Mauritius to deep within the Australian Outback in search of the rare and the vulnerable. Back in the lab, we watch as he develops groundbreaking, left-field techniques for rescuing species from extinction, encouraging them to propagate and thrive once again. Along the way, he offers moving, heartfelt stories about the secrets contained within these incredible organisms. 

Passionate and absorbing, The Plant Messiah is a tribute to the diversity of life on our planet, and the importance of preserving it.

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