Review: THE DEAD HOUSE by Billy O’Callaghan

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Book Description: 

Maggie is a successful young artist who has had bad luck with men. Her last put her in the hospital and, after she’s healed physically, left her needing to get out of London to heal mentally and find a place of quiet that will restore her creative spirit. On the rugged west coast of Ireland, perched on a wild cliff side, she spies the shell of a cottage that dates back to Great Famine and decides to buy it. When work on the house is done, she invites her dealer to come for the weekend to celebrate along with a couple of women friends, one of whom will become his wife. On the boozy last night, the other friend pulls out an Ouija board. What sinister thing they summon, once invited, will never go. 

My Review: 

The narrator, Michael, is an art dealer who lives with his wife and child in England. He recalls an event that occurred at a party nine years prior that still haunts him to this day. Nine years ago, Michael decides to help an artist friend named Maggie, who was viscously assaulted by her boyfriend. During Maggie’s recovery, she locates a far off cottage on the west coast of Ireland that is in need of renovations. Against his better judgment, he decides to help her out financially. To celebrate this newly renovated cottage, Maggie has a couple of friends over and that’s when things start to get creepy. There’s an ouija board and a ghostly past set in a cottage that dates back before the great famine. Eek!!

I really enjoyed this story! The writing and imagery are gorgeous! I am all about an eerie and atmospheric setting. There are so many details of the surroundings and ambiance, I felt like I was in Ireland. At least, that’s what my imagination told me. Whenever I read a story with supernatural elements, I have to suspend some disbelief but I thought the author did an excellent job with the ghostly details, as some of it was a bit creepy! This book is full of superstition, and along with a beautiful backdrop of Ireland, it makes for the perfect haunting read!

My rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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