Review: THE LIGHT OVER BROKEN TIDE by Holly Ducarte

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Book Description: 

Out of the blue, Rebecca Stafford’s Father arrives to parent her after years of absence. He then extracts her last bit of normalcy by moving them to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The shocking news plunges Rebecca into a despair that brings about an otherworldly encounter; she begins to have visions of her deceased Mom. Uncertain whether what she sees is reality or the product of a troubled mind, Rebecca searches for an anchor to keep her from drifting in the new coastal town. She clings to Shawn, the eccentric, spritely boy-next-door promising adventures…with surprises of his own, involving an Irish legend and a hidden lighthouse. This brings on a whole new dimension to Rebecca’s visions, and sparks feverish romance between her and Shawn. A bond eventually threatened by forces beyond her control, sending her spiralling into dark, stormy places, leaving her to wonder how broken a mind can get.

My Review: 

An Irish legend, a hidden lighthouse, magic, and mystery are exactly the reasons why this book caught my attention! Then I read it and fell in love. The story centers around Rebecca, who after devastating news of her mom’s death, falls deep into melancholy. Her father, after years of abandonment, comes back to be a parent and moves them to a coastal town. She starts to have visions of her deceased mom, sparks a romance with the boy-next-door, and as time goes on, spirals into a dark and woeful place.

The writing is so beautiful! Immediately when you start reading you can tell Ducarte is a very talented writer. The prose is atmospheric with lovely imagery and the characters are well thought out. I felt tremendous empathy for Rebecca and I really loved her father. The best part for me is the psychology and mental illness aspect. Ducarte writes about some really sensitive issues but does it with such ease. I don’t want to give too much away, but I always love stories that are thought-provoking with a sense of adventure.

My rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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