Let’s talk about Book of the Month!

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Book of the Month is my very favorite book subscription! Like ever! My sister-in-law gifted it to me for Christmas and I’ve been OBSESSED ever since!

On the first of each month there are five carefully curated books to choose from in many different genres. I’ve read some AMAZING books from this monthly subscription- many of which I would’ve have either never known about or gravitated towards but turn out to be favorites! They also have monthly extras you can add on in case one book just isn’t enough. Did I mention these are beautiful hardcovers??

I am not a representative or employee of Book of the Month – I just really LOVE it!! If you are interested and I think you should be… here is my referral link. This benefits the both of us because you get a sweet discount and I get free a book! It’s a win-win!!

You can follow them on Instagram @bookofthemonth. Also, you can connect with other members using #bookofthemonth

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