Review: COVE by Cynan Jones

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“He’d had to go through so many possessions, things that exploded smally with memories over the last few weeks; but it was the opposite with the ashes. He was trying to hold away the fact that they knew nothing of what they were.”

A man is out to sea in his kayak, on his way to scatter his father’s ashes, when a storm hits and he is struck by lightning. His memory is gone and he is partially paralyzed. Now he must fight the pain and find his way back to shore because he senses his love is waiting there for him.

This is a very short piece of literature, just shy of 100 pages. It reads very much like a long poem with vivid imagery. Without a named protagonist, I felt a sense of disorientation and anxiety as if being lost at sea. COVE is haunting, atmospheric, and very eerie. I really enjoyed this harrowing tale.

My rating is 3.5 / 5 stars!

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