Review: EMMA IN THE NIGHT by Wendy Walker

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“Sometimes you can win a war by leaving the battlefield before your army gets killed.”


One night fifteen-year-old Cass and her sister, seventeen-year-old Emma disappear. The police never solved the case and the girls were never found. Three years later, Cass shows up at her mother’s doorstep, alone. She desperately begs for her mom and the police to find Emma. The FBI and Forensic psychologist Dr. Abby Winter returns to the case in order to resolve it and find Emma. This story takes us on a journey from a dysfunctional home life to an island off the coast of Maine where they must escape from kidnappers.

“I lied I lied I lied. But telling the truth was not on my list.”

My Review:

I was completely drawn in to the story of Cass and Emma and could not put this book down! The novel switches between Cass and Dr. Winter’s point of views as they try to figure out what happened, and how to find Emma. Walker’s narration is captivating and completely on point. I was reading every single line of this story carefully- I did not want to miss a single word!

Cass and Emma’s family is extremely dysfunctional and we have no idea who to trust. From a narcissistic mom, to a passive father, and a step family with not many, if any, redeeming qualities – this is not a house you want to grow up in. The psychology in this story is fascinating but I don’t like to write spoilers so I will leave it at that. I did enjoy the bit about Dr. Winter’s mom and how her background gave her insight into the case. I had no idea what was going to happen until the end. This was not a wild ride of a thriller but I enjoyed it as a slow burn. I’m a sucker for a fantastic, slow-paced psychological thriller!!

Next on my list is ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN – I’m officially a fan of Wendy Walker!

I rate this INTRIGUING book 5 / 5 stars!

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