Review: FINAL GIRLS by Riley Sager

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Thank you so much to Stacey from, Penguin Random House and Dutton for this finished copy – all opinions are my own.


Ten years ago, Quincy went on a trip with her boyfriend and friends and stayed at a cabin called Pine Cottage. It started out as a fun trip but ended up to be a horrific murder massacre where Quincy was the sole survivor. Afterwards, Quincy then learned there had been two other massacres where at each scene a single girl was left alive. The media called them the Final Girls which was based on the term horror movies use to describe the last woman standing. Quincy then moves on to what appears to be the perfect life, until one day she learns the first Final Girl, Lisa, was found dead in her bathtub, wrists slashed. Then the second Final Girl, Sam, shows up and Quincy starts to remember things from that night ten years ago.

“But somehow we screamed louder, ran faster, fought harder. We survived.”

My Review:

What a fun, EXCITING, and entertaining thriller!! I was hooked from the start!! The chapters switch back and forth between the murders ten years ago and present day. I kept wanting to breeze through the present day in order to read the flashback chapters. They really worked well in the story as they gave you just enough information to keep things moving without revealing too much. I LOVED Quincy’s character! She was an unreliable narrator, but made a very sympathetic and interesting protagonist. There were a few great plot twists and OH. MY. GOSH. I never saw that twist at the end coming!! It’s an intense, exhilarating, psychological thriller that you will not be able to put down!! Go get yourself a copy now and join the fun!!

I rated this UNPUTDOWNABLE book 5 / 5 stars!

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