Review: I, ELIZA HAMILTON by Susan Holloway Scott

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Thank you so much to Kensington for providing me with an advance copy – all opinions are my own.


Elizabeth Schuyler is the daughter of a respected general and understands how to carry herself as a soldier’s daughter. She is well-educated and accustomed to hosting dignitaries and soldiers along side her beloved parents. On one occasion, Alexander Hamilton, the aide to George Washington, walks into their home and into her life. After a short while, they fall in love, marry and start a family. In the midst of the American Revolution, Eliza is more sure than ever that her husband will do amazing things with his life. Not only is Eliza her husband’s biggest supporter and most trusted confidant, she is the key figure who takes care of their family, including her parents, manages the household, and helps with his political writings. During this beautiful novel, you experience love, loss, heartbreak, betrayal, and tragedy.

“I was a sounding board for him [Alexander Hamilton], and he claimed that explaining to me helped him to clarify these complicated theories and notions.”

My Review:

You can certainly tell that this is a passion project for Scott. Every last detail and amount care put into this historical fiction novel is IMPRESSIVE. I enjoyed reading about Eliza and Alexander’s courtship and the deep love they had for one another. I especially loved learning about a tremendous historical figure through the eyes of the woman he loved.

The first half of the book reads more like a historical romance and the second focuses more on Alexander Hamilton’s career and accomplishments. The novel shows the amazing loyalty and devotion Eliza had for her husband.

My only criticism is that I would have liked to see the book continue past Alexander’s death, not just in the epilogue and afterword. I feel like it focused on only their relationship and not Eliza as an independent figure. But that being said, I thought it was a well written, BEAUTIFUL novel that is a love letter to this AMAZING historical couple!

I rate this LOVELY book 4 / 5 stars!

Publication date is today! Go check it out!

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