Review: I’LL KEEP YOU SAFE by Peter May

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Book Description: 

As the threads of Niamh and Ruairidh’s relationship are beginning to fray. As they prepare for an important showing at the Première Vision fabric fair, held in Paris every year, Niamh accuses Ruairidh of having an affair with Irina, a Russian fashion designer they work with–a fight that ends with Ruairidh storming off and getting into Irina’s car. Moments later, Niamh watches in horror as the car containing her life partner explodes in a ball of flame.

With Niamh a prime suspect in the murder, the Parisian police hound her even after she returns to Harris to bury the pitiful remains of her lover and business partner. Amid the grief and struggles that follow, she begins to suspect that things are not what they seem; and when there is an attempt on her life, she becomes convinced that what looked like a terrorist attack on her lover might be something more personal by far.

“From childhood you know that life will end in death. But nothing prepares you for its finality. The irrevocable, irreversible nature of it.”

My Review:

Ruairidh and Niamh Macfarlane own a successful textile business in Scotland called Ranish Tweed. While visiting Paris to attend a textile fair, Niamh gets privy that Ruairidh is having an affair with a designer named Irina. She confronts her husband who then leaves and gets into a car which explodes right in front of her! After the explosion, Niamh is questioned by Paris police officer Sylvia Braque, who isn’t exactly friendly to her. She then returns home where things start to unfold and tension rises. A handful of suspects emerge – who killed Ruairidh?

First of all, the atmospheric and ethereal setting of the Hebrides in Scotland is a character of its own. Thanks to Mr. May, I would read any book with this setting. The writing is impeccable and the character development is phenomenal! The main protagonist, Niamh, is an incredibly interesting character to read as she comes alive on every page. From her perspective, you see memories of her past including the developing relationship between her and her husband, the beginnings of Ranish Tweed, and family tragedy.

Ultimately, I did not guess the murderer, which is always a plus. The ending did seem a bit far fetched, but didn’t diminish from this otherwise fantastic book. This is my first May novel and it certainly will not be my last!

My rating is 4 / 5 stars!

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