Review: OONA OUT OF ORDER by Margarita Montimore

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Thank you so much Book Sparks and Flatiron for my free copy.


It’s New Year’s Eve 1982, and Oona Lockhart has her whole life before her. At the stroke of midnight she will turn nineteen, and the year ahead promises to be one of consequence. Should she go to London to study economics, or remain at home in Brooklyn to pursue her passion for music and be with her boyfriend? As the countdown to the New Year begins, Oona faints and awakens thirty-two years in the future in her fifty-one-year-old body. Greeted by a friendly stranger in a beautiful house she’s told is her own, Oona learns that with each passing year she will leap to another age at random. And so begins Oona Out of Order


OONA OUT OF ORDER was such a sweet surprise. I like to alternate between my audiobook and my physical copy and it worked out perfectly. Either way you decide to absorb this novel, you will love it. Time travel is such a sticky topic to write but Montimore does it seamlessly. And Oona’s narrative is like nothing I’ve read before.

We start in 1982 on New Year’s Eve where Oona is about to turn nineteen at the stroke of midnight. She is on her way to make life changing decisions. Oona is straddling the line of one of her biggest choices yet. Should she either go to London for her studies or stay in Brooklyn with her boyfriend to pursue music? But as midnight nears, Oona faints and wakes up thirty two years later in a life she doesn’t recognize. She soon realizes that every year she experiences a different age at random. Can you imagine living your life out of sequence? Experiencing all the same events OUT OF ORDER?

I fell hard for this book. I love everything from the concept to the writing style to the characters. I want to be friends with Oona. She is witty, brave, smart, and flawed and I loved every bit of her. Oona is resilient and adapts to things like current slang, the latest technology, and things we take for granted now like the internet. I found myself waiting in suspense to see what part of her life she’d end up in next. This novel and Oona have my heart. Also, FYI, the audiobook narrator is fantastic. OONA OUT OF ORDER is poignant, unique, creative, clever, and heartwarming. READ IT. ★★★★★

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