Review: SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE by Michele Campbell

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Book Description: 

When twin sisters Rose and Bel Enright enroll in The Odell School, a prestigious New England boarding school, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. But the sisters could not be more different. The school brings out a rivalry between them that few ever knew existed. And the school itself has a dark underbelly: of privileged kids running unchecked and uninhibited; of rituals and traditions that are more sinister than they seem; of wealth and entitlement that can only lead to disaster. For Sarah Donovan, wife of an ambitious teacher who is determined to rise through the ranks, Odell also seems like the best thing that could happen to their small family. But how well does she really know her husband? What lengths will he go to to achieve his goals? And when one dark night ends in murder, who is guilty, who knows the truth, and who has been in on it all along?

My Review: 

This is my first Campbell book and I really enjoyed it! It’s a real suspenseful page-turner!

Set in New Hampshire, this is a story of fraternal twin sisters, Rose and Bel Enright, who lost their parents and were immediately shipped off to Odell, an elite boarding school. What could possibly go wrong? The two are fiercely competitive and could not be more different. Rose is on the straight and narrow, focused on her studies and extremely dramatic, while Bel is more popular, a rule breaker, and doesn’t feel at home in this school. Meanwhile, Heath and Sarah are a married couple that happen to be the dorm advisors. Heath has his sights set on the headmaster’s job, but has a dark past that may come back to bite him. Heath and Sarah’s story becomes intertwined with the girls’ lives and a whole mess of things happen including hazing, torrid affairs, bullying, and murder.

All of these characters are absolutely AWFUL but that doesn’t bother me. In fact, it just makes me read even faster. The story is told from the multiple perspectives of Bel, Rose, and Sarah which makes this book so addictive. Campbell really nailed the point-of-view of the teenage girls so it definitely has a YA vibe, but it is so well written. It’s such an enthralling, character driven story that’s not super twisty but definitely entertaining. And I always LOVE a good unreliable narrator! SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE is not just a clever title, but also a story that slowly builds with mystery and intrigue, then packs quite a punch in the end!

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars!

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