Review: SISTER OF MINE by Laurie Petrou

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Penny and Hattie, orphaned sisters in a small town, are best friends, bound together to the point of knots. But Penny, at the mercy of her brutal husband, is desperate for a fresh start. Willing to do anything for her older sister, Hattie agrees to help. A match is struck and a fire burns Penny’s marriage to the ground. With her husband gone, Penny is free, and the sisters, it seems, get away with murder. But freedom comes at a cost. More than a year after the fire, a charming young man comes to town. Hattie and Penny quickly bring him into the fold and into their hearts but their love for him threatens the delicate balance. Soon long-held resentments, sibling rivalry, and debts unpaid boil over, and the bonds of sisterhood begin to snap. As one little lie grows into the next, the sisters’ secrets will unravel, eroding their lives until only a single, horrible truth remains: You owe me. 

My Review: 

First off, I’m obsessed with this cover! And second, this is a very complicated, dysfunctional sibling relationship. Their father walked out on them when they were children and their mother passed away, so Penny, being the older sister, took on the role of caregiver. They are extremely close and love each other but their relationship is built on secrets, jealousy, and resentment, so let’s just say there is some sibling rivalry. Penny is always distressed where Hattie is vivacious and carefree. After Penny’s husband dies in a house fire, Penny and Hattie move back in to their childhood home. Everything is going well until Detective Moore starts investigating the fire and Jameson comes into the picture.

This is an enjoyable domestic suspense about a twisted, complex relationship between two sisters. The storyline is straightforward and I compulsively read it in one day. I absolutely loved Petrou’s writing style and unique voice. I would not characterize this book as a thriller but rather a story about a toxic, codependent relationship between Penny and Hattie mixed with some light suspense. Hattie comes off as unsympathetic and Penny’s narrative can be frustrating, but they both are quite interesting characters and I could not stop reading until I finished. SISTER OF MINE is an addictive debut with a perfect ending.

My rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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