Review: SKINWRAPPER by Stephen Kozeniewski

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Thank you Night Worms and Sinister Grin Press for my free copy. 


A single word strikes fear into the hearts of even the most experienced starship crews…Aboard the freighter Blue Whale, a young girl’s day begins like any other: texting her friends while her parents bicker about breakfast. Then, with a loud, sickening pop, their domestic tranquility is shattered.A single word goes out over the emergency warning system…The galaxy’s shipping lanes are plagued by a gang of vicious pirates. Suffering from all manner of terminal diseases, they require zero gravity to live. They also need a constant influx of fresh blood and organs, so their victims also become their unwilling donors. The band is so ruthless, so violent, that its very name has become a synonym for terror.A single word that chills the blood, even in the utter cold of space…The little girl finds herself alone, lost, and trapped aboard the vessel she called home, praying it won’t also become her tomb. She is about to learn there is nothing in the universe worse than being hunted by a SKINWRAPPER.


SKINWRAPPER is a novella that is written as a prequel to THE HEMATOPHAGES. And although you can read it as a standalone, I will be sure to pick up the next book. It’s an atmospheric, taut, riveting, and bloody good time of a tiny, little book.

We follow a young female protagonist who is left alone on a spacecraft and to her own devices. What she needs to avoid are the brutal, dreadful, SKINWRAPPERS.

This novella is an excellent mix of science fiction and horror that kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend it to readers who are looking to try out this horror, hybrid sub-genre as it doesn’t get crazy complicated with terminology. My only qualm is when I finished, it left me wanting more! SKINWRAPPER is a dark, fast-paced, and terrifying book ★★★½

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