Review: SOCIAL CREATURE by Tara Isabella Burton

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Book Description: 

They go through both bottles of champagne right there on the High Line, with nothing but the stars over them… They drink and Lavinia tells Louise about all the places they will go together, when they finish their stories, when they are both great writers-to Paris and to Rome and to Trieste… Lavinia will never go. She is going to die soon. Louise has nothing. Lavinia has everything. After a chance encounter, the two spiral into an intimate, intense, and possibly toxic friendship. 

My Review: 

First off, I’m obsessed with this cover! It’s stylishly stunning! Secondly, I cannot stop thinking about this book. It’s a clever, gritty, and provocative debut that I consumed from start to finish. This is a book that takes you to some dark places, but be prepared to be entertained! .
Louise Wilson is a 29-year-old aspiring writer who works three jobs to support herself in New York. She’s an introvert and doesn’t have much of a social life. But one day that all changes when she comes across a 23-year-old, vibrant, dazzling, and wealthy socialite named Lavinia Williams. The two forge an intense, fast friendship that eventually becomes destructive and obsessive.

I devoured this book! The characters are off-putting to say the least, but that just intrigued me more and I was completely hooked. The writing style is avant-garde with a unique intensity to it which showcases the pure talent of Burton. The entire time I was reading, I was equally disturbed and fascinated all at once. I had these conflicted emotions throughout because these are vivid, three-dimensional characters that make you simultaneously both loath and love them. Also, it brilliantly showcases the very relevant topic of society’s complete infatuation with social media, which I love! SOCIAL CREATURE is a spectacularly written novel full of drama and suspense. I can’t wait for what Burton delivers next!

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars!

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