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Thank you so much to the fabulous William Morrow for sending me a free copy – all opinions are my own. 
Anna Fox suffers from agoraphobia and lives alone in her New York City home. She cannot leave the house without causing a panic attack. She spends her days watching and observing the outside world. She has a hankering for wine, pills, and watching old movies. 
Jane and Alastair Russell move in across the way, along with their teenage son, Ethan. They seem like the perfect, happy family until one night, when Anna is spying out her window, she sees something she shouldn’t. Events start to unfold and secrets become revealed. But is everything she sees real or is it all in her head? 
“My shadow stretches along the carpet, as though trying to detach itself from me.”

“Lying in bed, sleep filling my head, I listen to the pulse of the house—the grandfather clock downstairs, tolling nine; the settling of the floors.”

My Review:

This is one fantastic debut by A.J. Finn! It starts off at a slower pace, which I thoroughly enjoyed, then towards the end goes into warp speed. I devoured every bit of this book! 

The story is broken up into short chapters by date and told completely from Anna’s point-of-view. I love Anna! I found her witty, intelligent, and Intriguing. Being inside her mind was such a trip—what is really happening? You are so far into her psyche that you feel like you’re losing your own mind. I have an interest in anything medical or psychological so I rather enjoyed these details, finding it fascinating to read about a character with agoraphobia. 

I love that Anna was obsessed with black and white movies, especially Hitchcock. I enjoyed all of the movie references throughout—Rear Window and Vertigo are two of my favorites, so it was a detail I really appreciate. The dialogue is extremely clever and I love the writing style. And I was able to relate to Anna’s constant scroll of thoughts…oh look!, shiny object! 

I will never be able to drink Merlot again without thinking of The Woman in the Window. BUY. THIS. BOOK.

I rate this book 5 / 5 stars! 

(Psst… it’s going to be a movie so when you read it, you’ll know why) 

Click here to purchase on Amazon. 

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