Review: UNSUB by Meg Gardiner

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I read this last year with Instagram’s @criminallygoodbookclub and it did not disappoint! This is one FANTASTIC thriller! Heart-pounding, pulse-racing, and nightmare-inducing and I loved every bit of it!! Meg Gardiner has mad skills!

In the 1990’s, Caitlin Hendrix and her family lived in fear while a serial killer called the Prophet roamed the streets. Caitlin’s father, Mack, was the lead detective on the case. The Prophet’s killings were ritualistic, horrific, and gruesome. He murdered eleven people during this time and the case destroyed Mack and his family in the process.

After twenty years, the Prophet breaks his silence. Caitlin, now a detective, has been asked to join a task force in order to catch the Prophet now that he has resurfaced. This time around, he is more brutal, horrid, cold, and ostentatious. He has targeted Caitlin in the same way he targeted her father all those years ago.

I loved the writing style, characterization, and how the story was told with so much precision but also emotion. It was so masterfully written that I found myself questioning if any of it was true. I’m not only a die hard fan of thrillers, but true crime as well, so this was a perfect read for me. I devoured this book! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go devour INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE!

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I rate this book 5 / 5 stars! 

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