A BLOOD THING by James Hankins

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Thank you so very much to Amazon Publishing for my free copy of A BLOOD THING by James Hankins – all opinions are my own.

Book Description: 

Vermont’s promising young governor, Andrew Kane, is at another public meet-and-greet when a stranger from the crowd slips him a cell phone and whispers, “Keep this with you…keep it secret…you’re going to need it after the arrest.”

Hours later, Andrew’s brother, Tyler, is taken into custody—framed for the brutal murder of a young woman—and Andrew discovers there is only one way to free him: answer the mysterious phone and agree to a blackmailer’s demands. All the governor has to do to make it all go away is compromise everything he stands for and grant a full pardon to a convicted felon. With no better option, he complies. Which is his first mistake…because the stranger isn’t through with him. He has another little condition. Then another. And another. And Andrew has no choice but to play along until he can find a way out of this personal and political nightmare. But he isn’t prepared for what he will face, or how far he will have to go to save his brother and keep his family together.

My Review: 

This book had be hooked from start to finish with some very tense and intense scenes. The story centers on the Kane family, a well to do, powerful family who is being blackmailed. The eldest brother, Andrew is the governor of Vermont and his brother, Tyler was framed for murder. Now the entire family is being tormented by a mysterious caller who asks for one demand after another. How far will Andrew go to protect his family? Will he compromise his own ethics? This twisted game is a political and psychological nightmare.

This is a methodical and original plot with complex characters and sharp writing that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hankins is a master storyteller! It shows true talent when you create unsympathetic characters, like some of the Kane siblings, that without a doubt the reader roots for anyways. The blackmailer is extremely intelligent and perfectly written. The novel does run long but that didn’t bother me – I enjoyed the ride! A BLOOD THING has a mix of everything from political intrigue to domestic suspense to crime and psychological thrills – all with a spectacular ending! I’ll definitely pick up more books by Hankins in the future.

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars!

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