Review: ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL by Sarah Vaughan

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“If there was a crime worse than being bright, it was failing to disguise the fact under layers of sarcasm and thick mascara. At her school, the overriding aim was to get a boyfriend, and bring clever could only work against that.”

This is a very interesting read and the way Sarah Vaughan writes about sexual assault is very well done and tactful. She’s masterful at writing about such a sensitive subject making the reader understand without so much discomfort. The details are extremely well researched and the writing is superb. It is not a book that is easy to read in one sitting. It’s slow at times and intensely character driven. There are layers to the plot that I won’t reveal but which make the last half of the novel very satisfying.

The story takes place in one of my favorite settings, London. It is divided up into multiple perspectives of Kate, Sophie, James, Holly, and Ali. It also transitions back and forth between the past and present, which adds to the multilayered plot. James and Sophie Whitehouse are married with children and, you guessed it, a scandal arises causing all of these layers to unfold. What makes this book incredibly unique are the quiet surprise twists that pop up every once in awhile. Do not expect this to be a fast paced thrill ride.

Again, I am blown away with the expertise of Vaughan’s writing—it is so realistic. Every mood, thought, action, and reaction of each character dealing with a tough situation is spot on and reflective of the human condition.

Vaughan does an excellent job of portraying empathy through the eyes of her characters, showing how a terrible crime affects all involved. If you enjoy domestic suspense novels with a slow burn and plenty of courtroom drama, this is for you.

I rate this book 4 / 5 stars!

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