Review: STILLHOUSE LAKE by Rachel Caine

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This was the September selection for the Criminally Good Book Club and it did not disappoint!!


Gina Royal is a housewife with two children and a husband she adores. One day, she leaves to pick up her children and on her way home, as she approaches her house, she notices there is an accident. A car has crashed into her garage revealing a horrible truth. Her husband has been living a secret life as a serial killer.

Some time later, her ex-husband is incarcerated and Gina is forced to change her and her children’s identities in order to escape her horrific past. She is now Gwen Proctor and has found a peaceful place for her children to grow-up called Stillhouse Lake. Things finally start to feel normal, the new house like a home. But a dead body turns up in the lake just outside her home and things start to spin out of control!

“I’m glad I’ve escaped a hell I’ve hardly even recognized when I was burning in it.”

My Review:

This was an INCREDIBLY fast-paced, unputdownable read! I loved seeing the transformation of Gina to Gwen. It was so refreshing to see a weak, frail person become this total badass and take matters into her own hands! I was completely intrigued by Gwen’s backstory and how her past dictated how she handled things in the present. I did find Gwen’s paranoia a bit repetitive, although I can’t say the situation didn’t warrant it. Also, I was able to predict certain elements of the ending, but all-in-all, this was a VERY FUN read! I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read KILLMAN CREEK in December!!

I rate this book an EXCITING 4 / 5 stars!

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